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Hello World!

2012-07-21 by The Community. 0 comments

Welcome to the Mathematica Stack Exchange Q&A site’s blog! We are so excited to introduce the blog, to coincide with the graduation of the site itself.

We will have plenty to talk about, from behind-the-scenes explications of our most popular posts, to exposés on how to get even more out of the Mathematica software. Mathematica is an exceptionally rich environment that goes beyond pure programming. Over on the Q&A site, you will find questions (and answers) on front-end features like stylesheets, as well as interfacing with other languages, and everything in between. We also have some questions that are just plain fun!

As for who we are, the blog team is made up of many of the regular users on the Mathematica Stack Exchange site, including the moderators and some of the other top-ranking participants. Our backgrounds and expertise are diverse, but we’re all enthusiastic about the possibilities that Mathematica can offer.